Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Patton Memory Days at St. Mihiel, France, Announced

George Patton personally led the first American tank assault in history in the opening of the St. Mihiel Offensive in September 1918.  Then, 26 years later, he led his Third Army through the same region.  The French citizens off the region have never forgotten the General's double efforts to liberate them and are honoring both his efforts this year on the 100th anniversary of his first appearance locally.  Here's some of the information the organizers have provided us.

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Patton Memory DAYS

French, English, German, and American re-enactor camps, events, parade through the middle of town, Sound and Light Spectacle and a Liberation Ball. 1944 Sherman and 1918 FT-17 Renault Tanks, Vehicles, Horses, Artillery and various Artillery from 1918-1944 will be on hand.

SEPTEMBER 14–15–16
In Saint Mihiel, France              COME JOIN US!

Some interesting facts about the St. Mihiel Town and Salient:
  • The battle of 12–16 September 1918 was the first American-led battle of WWI
  • John Pershing, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, George Marshall, Billy Mitchell, and Alvin York all participated
  • Rin Tin Tin (yes, that one) was born here during the battle.  
  • Rags  (1st Div) and Sgt Stubby (26th Div) both fought within 2 miles of each other
  • St.Mihiel has the second largest library of ancient books-after Paris! 
  • Sculptor Ligier-Richier lived here-many of his works are on display 
  • American Belle Skinner of Holyoke, MA restored Hattonchatel Castle 
  • American Battlefields of Seicheprey, Apremont la Foret, Beaumont, Flirey, Montsec, Bois-Brule’, Mort Mare, Bois-le-Pretre, Marbotte and Thiaucourt are all here
  • In early September 1944, St. Mihiel was liberated a second time by VII Corps of General Patton's Third Army
  • The second largest worldwide balloon launch and largest car show in Europe  happen here at the Lac du Madine  


  1. Great Post. My grandfather, Albert Rieth's, German regiment (Infantry Regiment 169) fought in this region in September 1914 (see my book, "Germany's Iron Regiment of the First World War" ( He immigrated to the US in the 1920's and my father, Kurt Rieth, served as a forward observer with Patton's Third Army where he also fought in the Lorraine in 1944. It was interesting to read my father's V-Mail letters back home during this period, where he made cryptic references to my grandfather's WW I service to give him an idea of where he was located. Regards, John Rieth

  2. Well, Patton Days was a huge success, the Town of St.Mihiel should be commended for all of their work putting it all together! 2019 will be the 75th Anniversary of Pattons Drive and the liberation, (a second time)by him. We will be following his pathes of BOTH World Wars in our 2019 Patton Tour. I will be leading the AEF tour in 2019 for Valor Tours, and we will be staying at nearby Hattonchateau. You can find details at our website

  3. John Reith, would you be willing to share your Fathers V-Mail, or part thereof, with me for the education of future tour guests and for our group of historians in the St.Mihiel area? Also, the town of St.Mihiel has opened their Military Museum and are looking for more first hand accounts.