Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Map Series #2: A Handy U.S.-Oriented 1918 Map

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This map is from a U.S. Marine Corps publication "Reducing the St. Mihiel Salient" that can be downloaded HERE.
It was created by Marine cartographer Lt. Col. R. L. Cody, USMC (Ret)

Its focus is on the 4th Marine Brigade of the AEF's 2nd "Indianhead" Division, which was one of the most active of General Pershing's formations. They fought in all the major operations, except in Flanders and the Somme, so the map gives a lot of details in that regard. However, it is especially "handy" for a lot of the additional information Col Cody included in the map. Not including the information specific to the 4th Brigade or 2nd Division, it shows:
  • The major ports of the AEF
  • General and Services of Supply Headquarters
  • Coblenz, Center  and Headquarters of U.S Occupation Forces
  • Main rail supply lines
  • Allied Advance and Armistice Lines for 1918


  1. Thanks for recognizing the exceptional work of Lieutenant Colonel Richard "Wild Bill" Cody, USMC (Ret)