Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Monday, December 27, 2021

Announcing Our World War One Tattoo Collection: #1 The Immelmann Turn

Here is the first selection for our new, soon to be famous, collection of tattoos featuring World War I content.

Subject/Title:  #1 The Immelmann Turn 

Description:  Aerial maneuver created by German aviator Max Immelmann. After some spirited collegial debate, the consensus about this plane's identification is: artist's rendering of a representative rotary-engine biplane late in the war

Location:  Lower Left Leg

Tattooee: Ms. Anonymous 

Artist: E. L. Ford, RNAS, 1918 flight manual Practical Flying

Nominees from our readers will be considered for addition to the collection.

The following rules, however, MUST be observed:

1.  Content is to be exclusively from the First World War

2.  Nothing on private parts or faces

3.  No Rasputin portraits

4.  Decisions by the Editor as to suitability for our collection are final and irrevocable

Submit photos and pertinent details to the editor at


  1. Darn...I have all my numerous WWI tattoos 'where the sun don't shine.'
    (Just kidding).

  2. My cheeky portrayal of the Kaiser will have to take a back seat until the rules are changed.

  3. It's not an SE5a! It has a radial engine. It is somewhat more like a Sopwith Camel, or maybe a later Nieuport.

  4. Not sure how one can tell this has a radial engine from the artwork. And it is in no way a Camel. I also just don't see Nieuport lines in this depiction.

    1. The top image showing a head-on image clearly shows a round cowling, so a rotary engine (which is what I meant to say rather than radial). As for the identification of the type, if you read what I wrote, I imply that neither of the types that I mention really fit the images. It is slightly more like an American Standard E1 or Thomas-Morse, but it's probably not meant to be any specific type.

  5. So, hum, the "tatooee" in this case is a female with rather powerful looking legs, having a penchant for Immellmann, the maneuver that is? Well I am hard-pressed, my little grey cells are hard at work...perhaps a surfaced U boat with a greased up deck gun?