Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Inside Belleau Wood Today

How the Wood Looked After the Battle
In June 1918 the Marine Brigade of the 2nd AEF Division was given the mission of seizing Belleau Wood, just northwest of Chateau-Thierry. It took 20 days to do the job and is today one of the legendary battlefields of the Corps. The nearby cemetery is a sacred place for Americans, but the wood on the plateau above is a moving and haunting place to visit. Here are some images from the heart of Belleau Wood.
The Marine Monument, Created by Sculptor Felix de Weldon, Stands in the Woods' 
Central Glade

Every Memorial Day the Marine Commandant or His Designee Lays a Wreath
at the Monument with a Senior French Officer

Here an Active-Duty Marine Raises a Flag Over the Wood

A German Machine Gun Post Protecting the Wood's East Flank
The Hunting Lodge — Captured Near the End of the Fighting


  1. very happy to be there a few years ago. Extremely interesting-and I might say haunting. A must see..

  2. The Memorial Day Ceremony at Belleau Wood Cemetery is a most impressive event. I was amazed at the number of French villagers who attended along with their battle flags and streamers. "Lest We Forget" Jack Kavanagh

  3. It was so quiet when I visited Belleau Wood. Nothing like my Father's visit in June, 1918. I'd like to be there for the Memorial Day Ceremony in 2018. Semper Fi. Jerry Beach

  4. Very haunting place. Went there in 2012 and will return. A grim reminder of the cost of freedom. Its never free!