Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Over the Top Magazine: The Complete Collection

As some of our readers might have read elsewhere, with the wrapping-up of the World War One Centennial commemorations, I have decided to conclude publication of my monthly subscription magazine, Over the Top.  December 2018 will mark the release of our final issue, the 144th.  However, all 12 years of the magazine will be available along with many other of our special features for purchase on our Complete Collection DVD.

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Besides all the issues of the magazine the disk will include a long list of "extras" (listed on the cover) that we have published in conjunction with Over the Top and our other publications at Worldwar1.comThe retail price for the DVD is $64.00.


  1. name is Tom Campion. At the age of 10 my father took me to the Verdun battle field. Ever since then I have caught up reading all about the war and on and on. I was born in Belgium from an American father and Belgian mother. Raised in France and now in Florida. Long story. I would like to call you if I may. I saw you phone number somewhere on this site but can't find it now. I have been to Ypres, Verdun numerous times. I head back this April. Could you please send me your phone number so I may call you. Tom Campion ph:813.600.7200

  2. Is the over the top cd still for sale?.
    I'd like to get one if so. Please advise asap.
    Reply to joe,

    1. Hi, I am just about to redo all the marketing information I have floating on the internet for the OVER THE TOP DVD.

      Please email me at for the current information.
      Thanks for your interest.