Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Monday, March 13, 2017

Some Favorite Images from Over the Top: Magazine of the World War One Centennial

I have been publishing my Over the Top monthly magazine since 2007, and during my recent computer upgrade I've had the chance to take a  fresh look at some of the images  we have presented, or considered presenting, to our readers  over the years. Here are some that struck me as particularly striking or interesting.

Powerful Propaganda Piece Obviously Designed to Enhance the Hindenburg Mystique

Opening Ceremony, 1920 Antwerp Olympics

Minstrel Harry Lauder on a Visit to America with Two U.S. Marines 

An Allied-Free French Victory Celebration

The Kaiser Visits the Sultan 
Note the Suspicious Enver Pasha on  the Far Left

Fairly Accurate, but Unrealistically Clean, Depiction of the Real Version

The Contrasting Expressions on the Two National Representatives Is Priceless

I Have Lost the Title and Artist of This Painting, Leave a Comment Below If You Know

A Rejected Design for Our First Cover (I Still Like the Fonts)

Then and Now: Fort Troyon 
Possibly the Most Important Fort of the War

Mosaic of the Squadron Insignia, Lafayette Escadrille Memorial

The Yanks Arrive in Paris
The Mourning Widow and Her Children  Make an Interesting Contrast

Doughboy Door Handle, Memorial, St. Mihiel Cemetery

One of the Secrets  of the Miracle of the Marne
The 75 Took a Tremendous Toll on the Advancing German Forces

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  1. Why does the Zeppelin appear to have a searchlight coming from it, rather than up to it? A bit of a give-away as to it's position!