Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Friday, March 1, 2019

Scenic Battlefield: The Isonzo Sector of the Italian Front—Part 2, the South

Having led battlefield tours to Western Europe, Gallipoli, Italy, and Slovenia, I can say that the most dramatic scenery can be found on the Italian Front.  The Isonzo Sector, on both sides of a 60-mile leg of the Isonzo [today Soca] River involved the bulk of the fighting, featuring 11 Italian offensives and the German-Austrian victory in the Battle of Caporetto. Today we highlight the southern half of the sector, best known for being the locale of the 11 Battles of the Isonzo, intended to push past Gorizia and across the Carso Plateau to Trieste.

Austrian Chapel Near Plava

Cavern Used for Shelter

Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain, Monte Santo) Destroyed During the War

Hungarian Cemetery North of Gorizia

Mte San Michele Monument Overlooking Gorizia

Defensive Trench of Austro-Hungarian Forces

The Carso Plateau

Italian Artillery Galleries

Monument to Field Marshal Svetozar Boroević, Fifth Army Commander

Dolina of the XV Bersaglieri, Italian Support Base

Italian Third Army Memorial, Site of 100,000 Burials


  1. Great photos the last two days. Is anyone aware of any tours that cover these places or at least many of them?

    1. Speak to Mike Hanlon who does tours of this area

    2. Sorry, but I've retired from leading battlefield tours.

    3. Check the Valor Tours website - this is the company that put on the tours I took with Mike before he retired - they have done Italian Front tours. I found their tours to be affordable, informative and fun.

  2. Fascinating pictures--and very informative.