Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Do Something Locally for Veterans (Armistice) Day

Around 11 November each year the best way you can honor the memory of all Americans who have served our country, including the World War I generation, is to attend an event in their honor. TV or the Internet just doesn't do it. You need to interact with their history to honor someone. We can't list events scheduled for every community in the nation on Roads to the Great War, of course, but we can ask you to check your local news, websites, and so forth. You will, I'm sure, be able to find a parade, an event at the local war memorial, veteran's hall, or cemetery, or some educational event at your local library that you can attend. And you might just make a surprise connection with a new friend or discover something you'll always cherish. Here's a sampling of what communities all over America are planning for next weekend. I'll bet there is something like this going on in your area as well.

Pittsgrove, New Jersey

Fallbrook, California

Springfield, Illinois

Tooele, Utah

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Gatlinburg, Tennessee


  1. Shameless promotion alert......Please join The World War One Historical Association for our annual Armistice Remembrance Luncheon, Friday, November 11 at 10AM, held at the Wedgewood Banquet Center, 10051 Doolittle Dr, Oakland, CA - near Oakland Airport. $35 per person for full buffet lunch. Exhibits, free book/DVD raffle and more. Contact our president, Sal Compagno at 510-526-4423 or Our speaker is local author & historian Walter Soellner, who will discuss the research and travel behind his globe-spanning series of novels Kalvarianhof, which is set in the World War 1 era and rooted in his family's history.

  2. CSpan 3 Veterans Day Premier New Video 1000 am & pm 1/2 hour presentation by WW1CC volunteer contributing historians. US Army silent film compilation on bringing the Unknown Soldier home to Arlington. Excellent analysis and comment. There is a preview on YouTube.

  3. I attended my nursing home's Veteran's Day commemoration today. Very nice, but absolutely no mention of the First World War or Armistice Day. Focused on the veterans who live in the home. And of course, there are no WWI veterans left. RIP Frank Buckles.

  4. Michigan Military Heritage Museum at 153 N. Union St.Grass Lake,MI 49240
    is having an Open House on Sunday November 13th 1-4pm.
    World War One Centennial Exhibition: Combat Uniforms on the Western Front
    See over 30 original WW1 Unifroms from Germany, Canada, Great British, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, Russia, France, U.S. and more
    Contact:Dennis Skupinski 734 358 2099 or