Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Film on the Wipers Times

The BBC has announced a new film to be released later this year on the most famous Trench Paper of World War I, the Wipers Times.

Over the years I've gathered some entries that I hope you might enjoy. They give a little flavor of the content:

People We Take Our Hats Off To: - The person who introduced the order forbidding Company Commanders to go beyond their front line trench.


Correspondence: - To the Editor
Wipers Times

As the father of a large family, and having two sons serving in the Tooting Bec Citizens' Brigade, may I draw your attention to the danger from Zeppelins. Cannot our authorities deal with this menace in a more workmanlike way. My boys, who are well versed in military affairs, suggest a high barbed wire entanglement being erected round the British Isles. Surely something can be done:-

Answers to Some of Our Many Correspondents: - JOCK. (Zouave Wood). - No, when on patrol work and you hear the words - "Ach Gott! Ich bin gauz fed-up gerworden" - issue from an unknown trench, this does not necessarily signify that you have worked too far over to your left and stumbled into the French lines.


 A day from the life of a "Sub" in Divisional Reserve" (By himself)

12.40 am.  Sleeping peacefully.

12.45 am Not sleeping peacefully.

12.50 awakened by a noise like a fog horn gone mad.

12.55.  Realise someone has smelt gas, cannot find gas helmet or shirt.

1 am.  Grope about for matches and candle  - find to my discomfort several extra articles of furniture in the hut – curse volubly….

1.15am Stumble round camp – rumour of "Stand To" – curse abominably.

1.30 am – Rumour squashed – gas alarm false – somebody’s clockwork motor-bike horn came unstuck – curse again – retire to bed.


MOTORIST. (Popperhinghe). -Yes, we have had other complaints of the suspected police trap on the Menin Road, and advise caution on the stretch between 'Hell Fire Corner' and the Culvert.


Do you suffer from cheerfulness? Do you wake up in the morning feeling that all is going well for the Allies? Do you sometimes think the war will end in the next twelve months? Do you believe good news in preference to bad? Do you consider our leaders are competent to conduct the war to a successful issue? . . . WE CAN CURE YOU. Two days spent at our establishment will effectually eradicate all traces of that dread disease from your system.


Here's a nice article about the new film:


  1. Will you be able to view on American equipment?????

  2. I'm sure anything produced on BBC will be made available in the States.