Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Verdun at 100: Some Centennial Images

In May, on behalf of Valor Tours, I led a Centennial Tour of the Verdun Battlefield. The group members have been sending me photos for over a month here are some I thought the readers of Roads might enjoy.

First Stop

The Tour Leader Describes the Importance of Butte de Vaquois to Verdun

Then and Now

The German 380mm Lange Max Battery at Duzey That Fired 
the First Shot of the 1916 Battle

The Site Today

Voie Sacrée

We drove the entire length of the famous road from Bar-le-Duc to the Verdun train station.

The Start Near the Bar-le-Duc Railyard

The Entire Route: Map Shows the Parallel Light Rail Line in Red

The End: Gare de Verdun Is Visible to the Rear. At This point the Voie Sacrée  and the WWII Utah Beach-Bastogne Victory Road (right marker) Overlap

Wounded in Action

The Distinguished Tour Guide Pulled a Calf Muscle Charging Up to the Top of Fort Souville

Expanded and Redesigned Verdun Memorial

The Nieuport and Eindecker Fighters Were Retained for the New Museum

Moving Tribute to the Men Who Fought at Verdun

New Three-Dimensional Depiction of the Battlefield

The Group in Front of the Remodeled Memorial

Thanks to Dru, Mary, Mark, Tom, Bill, Dale, Barry, Scott, and Pieter ~ You Were Great Traveling Mates, and I Hope Our Paths Cross Again

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  1. Vauquois -- what a special and haunting place. Thanks for sharing.