Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Magazine of the World War I Centennial:
Coming in January 2014

Starting with our January issue we are recasting our subscription magazine Over the Top as THE magazine of the World War I centennial. With the first issue of our Volume 8, we will parallel month by month the Great War,  initially covering the run up to the war and, then, with our June issue on the Black Hand and the Assassination of the Archduke, presenting cutting-edge articles on the critical earthshaking events of that same month 100 years ago. Our 2014 centennial editorial program is presented below with the link to download our flyer for ordering information. If you mention that you are subscribing through Roads, you will also receive our Decmeber 2013 issue for free upon subscription or purchase of any of our past annual CD compilations.

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Our December 2013 Issue and Our First As the Magazine of the World War I Centennial

1914 January 2014
The 99-Year Countdown

1914 July 2014
The July Crisis Leads to War

1914 February 2014
Arrival of Wilhelm II & the Departure
of Bismarck; and Whither Russia, 
Whence France

1914 August 2014
Three Early Actions: the Ardennes,
Mons, Tannenberg

1914 March 2014
The Prewar Game of Thrones:
The European Alliance System

1914 September 2014
The Battle of the Marne: the War's
Most Fateful Clash

1914 April 2014
America's Improbable Route to 
the Battlefields of Europe

1914 October 2014
Turkey Enters the War; and the
Western Front in Full

1914 May 2014
Revolutionaries, Anarchists, and

1914 November 2014
Austria-Hungary Fails in Serbia; 
and the Naval Blockade Begins

1914 June 2014
The Black Hand and Sarajevo

1914 December 2014
Battle of the Falklands; and the
Christmas Truce


  1. What first started the fighting among the Great Powers after the Austrians beat up on Serbia? Was it the Russian partial mobilization or the Germans and their RR plans? In other words, who made the first move that made the Great War inevitable?

  2. What a grand idea! I of course will be waiting impatiently for your August issue. Now that "The Great War Dawning" is out and published we have moved on to the battle Halen 12 August. We are pretty well into the manuscript already. I will probably approach Military History Press about their interest this week. We always look forward to your publications.

    Joe and Janet