Now all roads lead to France and heavy is the tread
Of the living; but the dead returning lightly dance.
Edward Thomas, Roads

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Centennial at the Grass Roots
(New Series)
The Michigan in World War I Project

In Roads to the Great War we are going to give all the support we can to groups and individuals who are starting to work on making the centennial commemoration of the war a meaningful experience for the United States. In this posting, I would like to present the first in the series: Michigan in World War I. We hope this will inspire citizens in other states to examine the WWI experience close to home.

In each of the articles we will give a sample of the work being done by these folks, let them tell you about themselves, and then give some ideas on how you can help their efforts. Initially, Michigan in World War I is concentrating on producing videos. Here are two:

1. Organized in Detroit: Base Hospital #36
Vittel, France

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Field Sterilizer and the Cootie Exterminator

2. Michigan in WWI - Typical Monthly Report

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Includes Extended Segment on MG George Owen Squier,
Father of the Internet

Our Story by Founder Dennis Skupinski

Michigan's WWI Centennial is a grassroots organization that will tell the story of Michigan's involvement in the Great War as Michigan was becoming a world leader of the modern industrial age —  a manufacturing and engineering center. Michigan changed the world and the world changed Michigan.

One hundred years later, we will study the Great War and how it changed the lives of everyone in the state then and now. We will also offer a chance to get "up close and personal with history" — encouraging people to look at their family and community history from 1914 to the present.

Michigan's WWI Centennial News Report, a video story of Michigan's Great War experience, covers topics ranging from the Great War home front, cooking, music, and the history of Veterans Day just to name a few. Future topics will look at Rosie's Mom — the story of the working women of the Great War , the Liberty Truck, the Liberty Engine, and Michigan's aircraft industry.

The goals of Michigan's WWI Centennial are to become a permanent non profit 501(c)3 organization and to manage and distribute the WWI Centennial throughout Michigan and the nation.

Right now we can be found at two sites:

On Facebook, access: Michigan's WW1 Centennial

Our YouTube Channel:

How Can You Help?

Our project needs to raise funds to grow and volunteers to participate in every aspect of Michigan in World War I. The priorities right now are to complete the massive paperwork to become a 501 (c)3 nonprofit group, and then to expand our production and distribution capabilities. We would really appreciate your help.

To get involved, email me at:

To donate, visit Paypal and transfer funds to:

Your generosity will be most appreciated,



  1. Before Rosie the Riveter was even thought of her mom (women workers of the First World War) were helping the United States win the Great War. To find out more about Rosie's mom visit:

  2. We have a WW1 Liberty Truck that is going on e-bay June 25, 2014 for a 10 day auction. The current owner is unable to complete restoration due to health. This is a very rare truck that some of your members would be very interested in. There is a detailed walk around of this truck on youtube, it is 18 minutes long. We really want this truck to find the right home, to those who appreciate this truck. Thank you so vary much for helping to find this vary rare truck a good home !!!!!